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Funding Options

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At Royalty Capital, we have a complete catalog of products to serve our client's needs. We work hard in order to ensure that you receive the best rates and terms possible, and specifically design each program for your company's needs and cash flow!


Business Lines of Credit

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For long-term use

B.L.O.C.s (Business Lines of Credit) are a favorite of many of our clients. From Real Estate to General Contracting, having access to funding on a moment's notice can be invaluable! Take as little or as much capital as you need, whenever you need it. The best part is, you only pay on what you use!

Unsecured Financing

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For short-term use

Need to make a quick purchase or cover payroll? What separates Royalty Capital from other Unsecured Financing providers, is that 80% of any capital that we fund is raised in-house! There are no middle-men or Brokers involved,  and we're proven to have most flexible programs available today, at the best value!

Asset-Backed Loans

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For large investments

Do you have a piece of property that has substantial equity? Monetize it! We will fund up to 125% of the net equity in any property that you own. Unlike Traditional Bank loans, our Asset-Backed products can fund within 30 days, and have terms that extend for as long as 5 years!

Equipment Leasing

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For large purchases

Looking to buy a new piece of equipment, vehicles, or machinery? Let us help! We offer equipment leasing of all types of businesses and industry types. We work directly with some of the largest equipment leasing companies in the U.S. to make sure that you get the lowest rates and longest terms possible!